Repository Policy

All the published manuscripts will be archived at LMRJ website and freely available for authors and readers.

Author Self-Archiving Policy

LMRJ is a Gold Open Access journal, where the manuscript will be made online as soon as it is ready for publication and authors are entitled to make their article publicly available according to the terms of the CC BY licence:

  • CC BY-NC
  • Authors who have published under a  CC BY-NC 4.0 licence may share and distribute their article on non-commercial websites and repositories.

Re-use guidelines for open access content

When posting, distributing or reusing Open Access articles, the journal should be clearly attributed as the original place of publication and correct citation details should be given. Authors should also deposit the URL/DOI of their published article in any repository, in addition to the Version of Record.

When making their article available according to the terms of their Open Access licence, we strongly encourage authors to deposit the Version of Record. This will guarantee that the definitive version is readily available to those accessing your article from such repositories and means that your article is more likely to be cited correctly.

The authors can share their work in any form they want to.

  1. Author’s Original Manuscript (AOM)

This is the original manuscript submitted before peer review. The authors can share their AOM as much as they want, including via social media, on a scholarly collaboration network, personal website, or on a preprint server intended for non-commercial use (for example arXiv, bioRxiv, SocArXiv, etc.). Posting on a preprint server is not considered to be duplicate publication. However once the article is published authors are asked to share the status of article along with DOI and the weblink.

  1. Accepted manuscript (AM)

 If the article is accepted for publication it is the Accepted Manuscript. This version has been through the peer review process and been accepted by a journal editor. Authors can share their accepted manuscript but the status of the article as accepted along with the DOI must be mentioned

  1. Version of Record (VOR)/ Published article

This is the final, definitive, citable version of the paper, which has been copyedited, typeset, had metadata applied, and has been allocated a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). This is the published version.

Upon publication authors are encouraged to share the link the DOI assigned to the article or PDF of the article can shared on any non-commercial websites and repositories.